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Any experienced litigator will say that when you go to court, you lose control, and the loss of control can be costly.


As an insurance defence counsel, the goal is to navigate the client to a fair result in a cost-effective manner.


Given the increasing cost of litigation and the increasing pressures being brought to bear on scarce court resources, there has been a growing trend in the last ten - 15 years toward the use of private mediators to resolve complex insurance cases.  


These complex cases require much more than a mediator who is able to keep the parties in the room and talking. What is needed is a mediator who understands the issues and is able to effectively communicate those issues to the parties. 


On more than 60 occasions over the past 12 years, I have turned to Craig Garson for his knowledge, skill and expertise as a mediator to get these difficult insurance cases settled in a fair and cost-effective manner.


Craig’s skill and expertise as a litigator also brings another perspective to the table, and he invariably identifies and raises issues for consideration that the parties themselves may not have fully considered or may have simply dismissed as irrelevant. His ability to communicate strengths and weaknesses of the case, to manage client expectations  and to get the parties to see their case from the perspective of the other party has been critical to the resolution of many of the mediations we have retained him to conduct. 


The fact Craig’s mediation skills are recognized and respected by both the plaintiff bar and the defence bar is a testament to his effectiveness as a mediator who can get the parties to a fair result in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

Rodney J. Zdebiak

Stewart McKelvey

St. John’s, NL

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