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Tested. Craig Garson, K.C. brings more than 40 years of courtroom experience, extraordinary negotiating skills and a reputation for fairness to his mediation and arbitration practice. 


Trusted. Seasoned litigators from across Canada and beyond choose Craig for his formidable knowledge, persistence and keen ability to discern the critical issues in complex disputes, resulting in successful resolution.


Craig's skills as a litigator and negotiator are integral to his success. 

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Craig was one of Atlantic Canada’s pre-eminent trial lawyers before deciding to dedicate his practice to becoming a full-time mediator and arbitrator...His skills as a trial lawyer are a part of the package Craig brings to the table as a mediator and what make him an effective mediator."   

Raymond F. Wagner, K.C.,WAGNERS, Founder

“Craig is an extremely hard worker with boundless energy who schools up quickly for everything he does; with the

result that he is able to establish himself as a leader to all involved.  In a nutshell – he is a person of character."   

Paul H. Vining, Chairman, Westmoreland Mining LLC


“Craig has a no nonsense “get down to business” approach.  He is a quick study and has wonderful people skills. He makes each participant feel part of the process by allowing all of the parties to fully express themselves, while still keeping the overall process moving forward.  He is clear about the process with all participants and has a remarkable ability to work with all parties to facilitate understanding their options and engages them in creating possible solutions for conflict resolution.  Perhaps, most importantly, Craig is able to get the disputes settled through his unique ability to clearly and calmly discuss all parties’ strengths and weaknesses and to offer useful solutions to get the deal closed.”  

Chris Robinson, K.C., Pink Larkin Lawyers/Avocats

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