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I have known Craig for almost 40 years – initially as a practicing lawyer and also as a mediator.


Craig was one of Atlantic Canada’s pre-eminent trial lawyers before deciding to dedicate his practice to becoming a full-time mediator and arbitrator. He was a passionate and effective advocate who took on tough cases (criminal, civil, commercial and family) that often went to trial. He was a true trial lawyer and was the go-to lawyer for many fellow lawyers. His skills as a trial lawyer are a part of the package Craig brings to the table as a mediator and what make him an effective mediator.


The primary focus of my practice today at Wagners is on class actions and medical negligence (with a special focus on birth trauma) which are very challenging areas of the law. For a mediator to be effective, he or she must be a quick study with a ready mind; able to navigate complex facts, empirical studies and a host of nuance science to be able to lead to yes. Craig is all of the above.


I, along with other members of our firm, have successfully mediated hundreds of cases with Craig over the last 20 years and unreservedly recommend him.

Raymond F. Wagner, Q.C.

WAGNERS, Founder

Halifax, NS

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