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The primary focus of my practice is securities litigation, class actions and complex commercial financial litigation. I have been practicing litigation for 38 years and have litigated in every Canadian province except New Brunswick and PEI, all of the territories and have been called to the bars of Ontario, Nunuvat and the Cayman Islands.  I have worked extensively with mediators in many jurisdictions and have extensive experience mediating cases. In so doing, I have worked with a number of very capable mediators including many former and practicing judges.


I have mediated a number of such cases with Craig over the last 15+ years in both Ontario and Nova Scotia.

I consider Craig to be one of the best and most successful mediators that I have worked with. In fact, I have thought so highly of Craig's effectiveness as a mediator that I have recommended in several cases that we ask Craig to act as a mediator in Ontario cases. Those recommendations have been accepted and I know that some of these counsel have also continued to recommend and use Craig as a mediator.  I recently recommended to a colleague in Calgary that he use Craig to mediate a complex commercial dispute in Alberta. 


Importantly, most of the mediations I have done with Craig have involved more than a dozen plaintiffs which invariably adds to the complexity of the mediation.


Craig belongs to the class of mediators that I rate as “exceptional”. He brings to the table a wealth of experience as both a seasoned and successful trial lawyer in his own right, a keen and insightful commercial mind and that rare, intuitive sense of both the range in which a deal can get done and the path to get there. He comes to the mediation totally prepared (both factually and legally) and brings unrelenting energy to the process that sends the message “we’re all here to get a settlement”. Furthermore, Craig is exceedingly personable and relates very well with both counsel and litigants. Of great importance, Craig has demonstrated the ability to be both firm when necessary, and understanding, in working with clients to assist in facilitating settlements.

I strongly recommend Craig Garson as a mediator and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my insights and experience.  

Peter Jervis

Rochon Genova LLP

Toronto, On

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