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Selecting the right mediator is a critical point in the successful resolution of any significant plaintiff’s personal injury case. I want a mediator that gets results; a mediator that understands the case in detail and that understands my client’s perspective. And, most importantly, I want a mediator that can settle the case.


Over the years, I have worked with Craig Garson as a mediator to resolve many, many personal injury cases. These cases have almost always involved complex issues relating to liability and/or damages. Craig knows his stuff, well. He reads everything in detail beforehand and comes fully prepared with a full understanding of the important issues in the case. He wastes no time and gets down to business right away. Craig is a smart, experienced mediator. And he gets results.


An important aspect of personal injury mediation that perhaps differs from other types of mediated disputes is the personal injury client. My clients always leave a mediation with Craig feeling understood and respected. Craig takes the time to get to know my clients beyond the mediation brief, and that is key to a successful personal injury case mediation. 


Craig will never give up on a mediation. He is strategic and tenacious. He immerses himself in the mediation and works intensively with the parties and their positions to get the job done. I am always very pleased with the outcome of any Craig Garson mediation. 


Craig Garson is hands down my number one choice in mediators.

Colin D. Feltham

Roebothan McKay Marshall

St. John’s, NL

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