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I have had experience over the last twenty years retaining Craig Garson as a mediator and arbitrator in many general litigation matters and more recently in complex multi-party construction disputes resolutions. It has been my experience that Mr. Garson is a seasoned, experienced litigator who brings excellent listening and communication skills to the dispute resolution process as an arbitrator, and more particularly, as a mediator.


Craig has a no nonsense “get down to business” approach. He is a quick study and has wonderful people skills. He makes each participant feel part of the process by allowing all of the parties to fully express themselves, while still keeping the overall process moving forward. He is clear about the process with all participants and has a remarkable ability to work with all parties to facilitate understanding their options and engages them in creating possible solutions for conflict resolution. Perhaps, most importantly, Craig is able to get the disputes settled, either in whole, or in part, through his unique ability to clearly and calmly discuss all parties’ strengths and weaknesses and to offer useful solutions to get the deal closed.

Chris Robinson, Q.C.

Pink Larkin

Halifax, NS

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