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Craig Garson is the Mediator who I use most often, and particularly for complex commercial disputes.  Craig has an incredible ability to quickly know and understand the decision-makers involved for each party and that allows him to provide useful suggestions to help move toward resolution. Craig also artfully manages the lawyers involved to ensure that we maximize our contributions to the process. Craig left a very successful practice as a trial lawyer to become a full-time mediator and his knowledge of courtroom dynamics is an immense benefit in the mediation process: He is frank with clients about the uncertainties associated with the trial process and uses his own experience to convince parties that their own confidence in a position may not translate into a favourable judgment. I know my litigation partners throughout Atlantic Canada share my views and also retain Craig Garson to assist with their challenging files. Personally, I never hesitate to recommend Craig.

Michelle Awad, Q.C., Partner

McInnes Cooper

Halifax, NS

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