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Over my 40+ year career in the energy and resource industry in key leadership roles in both private and public companies across most continents, I’ve dealt with a lot of lawyers and legally trained commercial people.  In this industry, one learns quickly that to be successful in highly variable cultures requires more than just a recognition and knowledge of the different laws and unique local customs – it requires knowledgeable advisors with integrity and local knowledge who understand the end game and can help chart the course.

In 2014, I was the CEO of a privately-owned resource company that was expanding into different parts of Canada expecting to invest a billion dollars in energy infrastructure and transport assets.  We realized early on that we were playing “an away game” and began searching for a trusted advisor to assist us.  We were referred to Craig Garson by someone in our industry.

Craig fit the mold of what we needed perfectly: a trustworthy, high respected, experienced advisor with professional discipline and a common sense approach.  He listened carefully to what we wanted to accomplish, understood our goals and objectives and tailored his efforts and energy accordingly.  He quickly became invaluable to our organization.

Subsequently, I had the opportunity to work with Craig on a challenging project in Australia.  This time, however, I worked more with him than him working for me – which gave me additional insight.  Craig is an extremely hard worker with boundless energy who schools up quickly for everything he does; with the result that he is able to establish himself as a leader to all involved.  In a nutshell – he is a person of character.


As noted at the beginning – I’ve dealt with a lot of lawyers and legally trained commercial executives around the world for more than 40 years.  Craig is one of few who has transitioned by demand from a highly successful trial law practice to become an adept, savvy and sought after commercial advisor in and outside Canada.

Paul H. Vining, Chairman

Westmoreland Mining LLC

The Plains, Virginia

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