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I am a civil litigator who has been practising for 16 years, primarily in insurance defence and commercial litigation, and I pleased to provide words of support for Craig Garson as both a mediator and arbitrator. I first met Craig when I was a six-month lawyer sitting second chair on a large commercial arbitration file. I will never forget the ease and tenacity within which Craig conducted his cross-examinations.  It was impressive to watch, though a bit terrifying since I was on the other side. Fast-forward a few years and Craig has become my primary choice for mediators in all facets of the law. The tenacity in which he conducted cross-examinations is the same tenacity he brings to a mediation. He will not stop until the file is settled.  He understands litigation but most importantly he understands clients. I have hired him to mediate and arbitrate and I have no hesitation not only recommending him but identifying that if you want to achieve a resolution, he is likely the best person for the job - regardless of the subject matter.

Michelle M. Kelly, Partner

Cox & Palmer

Halifax, NS

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