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I have been practicing for 20 years focused primarily in insurance defence, more specifically, property, casualty and long-term disability cases. I have done a couple of hundred mediations throughout my career and can unreservedly say that Craig is the best mediator I have worked with. 

Everyone has heard the phrase “he or she cannot see the forest for the trees”. As advocates for our clients we can all occasionally fall into that trap. Craig sees the forest despite the trees. A big picture thinker, he has the ability to identify the salient issues in a file and focus the parties to a careful examination of those issues. This encourages frank and meaningful discussion and ultimately, settlement of a file.

Craig is an exceptionally efficient mediator who brings a sense of determination to settling cases. I have difficulty recalling a file where a mediation with him was unsuccessful.

Having been one of Atlantic Canada’s most prolific trial and appellate lawyers for more than 30 years, Craig has a deep understanding of risk. He brings that understanding to his role as a mediator. He has earned the respect and the trust of both the plaintiff and defence bar. Many of my clients have files in multiple jurisdictions in Canada and the US, I often hear how very fortunate we are to have a person of Craig’s caliber to mediate cases here in Atlantic Canada. I couldn’t agree more.

Shelley Wood, Partner

Stewart McKelvey

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