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Over the past twenty years, mediation has become a very effective means by which litigators in Atlantic Canada have attempted to resolve cases without the expense and risk associated with trial. No doubt, the growth of mediation has been in large part due to the quality of mediation services that Craig provides.


I have participated in almost a hundred mediations with Craig over the years. They have included personal injury cases (both plaintiff and defence), construction cases, product liability cases and environmental contamination cases.


In each case, Craig is very aware of the issues, the personalities involved and the obstacles to settlement. His experience as a trial lawyer and mediator, intelligence, insight, perseverance and practical approach to problem solving have been extremely effective tools in creating a process that works.


Quite often, parties get entrenched in their respective positions and it seems unlikely that a mediated settlement will be possible. Craig has an innate ability to navigate through the challenges and make the process work. He has worked very hard at his craft and has a well-earned reputation of being a “closer”.  Bottom line, Craig gets files settled.

Michael R. Brooker, Q.C.

Burchell MacDougall

Wolfville, NS

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